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“This project has given us confidence that today's practitioners in the hairdressing and media graphics industries can influence others when their passion for the planet is awakened.
The "ripple effect" of green education is truly inspirational!”
Christina Laing
Head of Department
The Academy of Hair,Beauty,Sport & Fitness
Fife College

"Due to this project, now I am much more conscious about the use of green products for everything. There are many different ways of becoming ecological, and not only recyclying"
Antonio Brescia

Participating in this project was a real eye opener to me! Not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. I never knew that there were so many health problems in the hairdressing industry. The fact that an average Danish hairdressers’ career is only 9 years, including 4 years of study, due to health problems with breathing and skin allergies, was very shocking. Nowadays I am more aware of these issues, for example when visiting my own hairdresser.The project (amongst other) realized this awareness. I learned a lot, both professionally and personally and I am very thankful for that! New partners became new friends.Thank you all!Eva Bouwman-van Gelder, projectmanager Stivako

I want to thank you all, teachers and mates from other countries, for this worthy project. I have learned a lot personal and professionaly and I am very proud of how the fashion show demostrated that things can be made in a different way to protect our planet and our lifes"
Alba Piote

The project itself has had a great organization and all the people in charge have known what to do to create a friendly environment where teachers and students from different countries have learned from each others and have had a lot of fun. Well done!"
Joni Barrabino

“During those meetings we have shared experience, enthusiasm, camaraderie and, yes, at times, maybe a little bit of tension but all of that always in a climate of mutual understanding and help. Our students proved time after time that they could achieve the aims of the project even when some of them also had to struggle with the English language".
Paloma Rodriguez Bonilla
IES El Palo Malaga

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