Leonardo Meeting in Málaga, February 19th-22th of 2013

This Leonado workconference has a four day interesting program, developed by our partners from Malaga. Part of the program are workshops: show preparation (hairdressing, beauty and fashion design); development of a magazine (graphic media). Two separate workshops will be performed by students: Natural cosmetic production ( massage oil and exfolliants) by beauty and hairdressing students and Design and production of labels (for cosmetics) and other materials for a magazine by media graphic students.

There will also be a seminar about Green energy by the Town Energy Agency.

Report of the visit Malaga Smartcity-project

Tuesday February 20th we visited the location of the "Malaga Smartcity"-project. The Smartcity Málaga Project is Europe’s largest eco-efficient city initiative. It aims to increase energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and boost the use of renewable energy sources. A consortium of companies  is rolling out state-of-the-art technologies in smart metering, communications and systems, network automation, generation and storage, and smart recharging infrastructure for e-vehicles. The aims are to improve the management of energy in the city, improve demand balances, and involve all participants in the electricity system, from generation to consumption.
Over 17,000 smart meters have been installed, and a sample of 50 of these users have energy efficiency solutions for the home. Over 10 SMEs and emblematic buildings in the area have energy efficiency solutions installed which enable them to monitor consumption and control some of their charging. More information.....

Leonardo Meeting in Scotland, May 14th-17th of 2013

The workconference in Scotland has a four day interesting program, developed by our partner the Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy . Part of the program are presentations from Dr Denise Baden on The Southampton University. Theme: ‘Green Salon’ Project, from Elaine Crawford from Dumfries and Galloway College on Hairdressing Heroes and Peggy Morgan from Colleges Scotland on sustainability in the Hair and beauty industry/ cascading /sharing knowledge in the sector in Scotland.
Also there will be workshops: (Hairdressers )Working on Hairdressing Toolkit worksheets ; show preparation (hairdressing, beauty and fashion design); development of a magazine (graphic media).

Report on meeting in Kirkaldy, Scotland

We loved our trip to Kirkaldy. So great to see a Scottish college aspiring and implementing measures to become more sustainable. One of the highlight for us was Elaines presentation, Hairdressing Heroes. It was great to see someone making the environment understandable and relevant for students and teachers across Scotland. We also loves that Adam Smith college hairdressing and media sectors are working with colleges across the EU to improve and expand their knowledge in sustainability.
We are grateful to have been asked to be involved in such a worthy event and hope something wonderful can come out of networking with like minded people across EU and that many other colleges follow suit to Adam Smith colleges example. on another note we would also like to say that we enjoyed our fabulous meal rotunda and were so impressed by the talented team efforts at the training college restaurant.

Leonardo Meeting in Amsterdam, October 8th-11th of 2013

The workconference takes place in Amstelveen, a small city near Amsterdam. The conference in October is dedicated to sustainability and CSR. There will be presentations on "The state of affairs within the Hair and Beauty sector and developments around sustainability", CSR and sustainability in the Graphicmedia sector. We will also play the "Sustainability-game". There is also much time to work with the students on the Hairshow in Malaga (December 2013) and the magazine.

Leonardo Meeting in Malaga, December 2nd-5th of 2013

This conference startes the first day with the preperation of the models of the sustainable beauty show: Lookin'Green. This vent will take place on Wednesday 4th of December in the Auditorio Edgar Neville in Malaga, Spain. The graphic media partners will visit the Malaga School of Arts.
And the contnue to prepare the magazine that will be presented in the final conference in Arhus, Danmark in Mai 2014.

The information of the Sustainable beauty show Lookin'Green

Visit to Malta

Exploratorium in Aarhus

In May, 20th-23th, the Exploratorium was present at the new building of the school for hairdressers at the Aarhus Tech.
Here you see an impression of teh new building. During the week in Aarhus there were several activities. On Tuesday we played the Suistainable-game. This game is developed by Stivako and creates awareness on the several aspects of  sustainability. The students that participated in the game came from Denmark, Malta and Spain. On Wedneday a visit was planned to the factory of Jan Eskildsenof the Hair team company from Aarhus, Denmark. Jan has worked as a hairdresser. It was his own experience that brought him the idea to develop a line of hairproducts without harmful substances. hair The problems related to allergies and hormonal disorders have long been associated with the ingredients of modern products. But it gave him serious concerns that hairdressers have a higher risk areas, such as bladder cancer and other forms of cancer.This encouraged him to proceed with the development of sustainable products for the beauty industry.

Jan organized a informationevening in his factory. The meeting was visited by about 75 hairdressers and the delegation of the Greenability-project. Jan showed 20 models with different hairtypes and colors.

On thursday the Exploratorium was opened. See below an impression.

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