AARHUS TECH is a large educational institution in Denmark specializing in technical studies and offering a range of international activities. At AARHUS TECH we have nine different entrances in the vocational area including:  Body and Style: Hairdressers; Media Production: Media Graphic Designers and Web Integrators (initial course).

Link to the website of AARHUS TECH

The Fife College is the third largest college in Scotland, the College, located in Fife, has a strong presence in the community. The college offers a wide range of courses in a variety of subject areas including; engineering and science, computing, hair and beauty, business and management, construction, sports and tourism, education and care studies and creative industries.

El Palo is a VET-institute in the neighbourhood of El Palo in M├ílaga. The educational levels offered by our center include primary secondary school, baccalaureate, vocational training in beauty, hairdressing and Personal Image Consultant, and Social Programs. We also offer different educational programs such as bilingualism, ICT, Escuela Espacio Paz, school sports, libraries, family plan, and living plan.

MCAST is a large educational institution in Malta. Our mission is to provide universally accessible vocational and professional education and training with an international dimension, responsive to the needs of the individual and the economy. We have 11 instutudes including the institute of ART & DESIGN

Link to the website of MCAST

Stivako is the Vocational Education Training-institute for management and leadership in the printmedia and creative industries. The institute provides training in management, entrepreneurial education, marketing and commerce, CSR, envirement, health and safety, lean manufacturing and quality. Stivako focusus on those already working within a company and want to develop within it!

Link to the website of Stivako

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